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Below we have listed some of the most frequently asked questions.

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What is included in the price?

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Our pricing is all inclusive, which means that everything from creating a design to having a postcard delivered to the mailboxes is included. The price covers using our templates or uploading your own design, the address list for your campaign, production, First-Class Mail® or standard postage, and delivery to USPS (United States Postal Service).

Do you offer a bulk discount?

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At RealMailers we strive for full transparency and integrity. Since each mail piece costs us the exact same amount to process, we are not charging our customers more or less based on the quantity. Should we achieve lower costs via growing efficiency and scale, we will make sure to carry these savings over to our customers in the future.

What are the requirements for uploading my own designs?

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The design files need to be in either PDF or JPEG format. The front and the back design need to be in separate files, so two design files are required for a single campaign. When uploading PDFs, the designs need to include a 0.125in bleed, so the final file dimensions need to be a)4.25in x 6.25in, b)6.25in x 9.25in, or c)6.25in x 11.25in. PDF files need to be PDF/X-1a (2001) compliant. Please refer to the following templates: 4x6 front, 4x6 back, 6x9 front, 6x9 back, 6x11 front, 6x11 back.

Can I upload my own address list?

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Yes. In the Targeting step click “Upload your own list” and follow the instructions to upload your list in .csv format. See example.

Who are the mailers addressed to?

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Our mailers are all addressed to the "Current Resident". Companies that provide the data to address the residents by their name, have purchased their lists from third parties. They are recycled e-commerce customers, periodicals subscribers, etc – we call them demographic lists. More often than not, these lists are out-dated and a falsely addressed mailer is much worse than a mailer addressed to the current resident. Because of our background in real estate, we approach the address data from a different angle – the physical buildings (and apartments) and their respective postal addresses. We don't co-mingle our data with the demographic data to retain clarity and universal data structure nationwide, and to provide a more comprehensive areal coverage.

What card stock do you use?

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  • 100#–120# cover
  • UV coating on the front
  • 10% PCW product
  • FSC certified

Can I cancel a mailing after it has been submitted?

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To provide the fastest delivery time possible, our automated process prints the postcards shortly after a successful payment. There is a brief 15-minute cancellation window, during which a campaign can be cancelled and returned to the draft status. Once the cancellation window closes, there is no way for us to recall the print job from the fulfillment center. It is very important you take the time to proofread and verify that everything you see in the preview is just the way you want it.​

How long does it take to deliver my mail?

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Once you successfully submit a payment, it takes 4 to 6 business days (if First-Class Mail® is chosen) or 7 to 14 business days (if standard postage is chosen) for the mail to arrive in the mailboxes of your recipients. Please be advised that the mail is delivered by the USPS, which may occasionally experience delays due to extreme weather or other conditions. Therefore, RealMailers can make no guarantees or warranties regarding the timeliness of the direct mail delivery or the actual delivery itself.

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